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The Vanduul So Far… Star Citizen’s feature set and lore are evolving. This article is based on what we know now and utilizes the ARK Starmap configuration as of September 2016, imported into my Starmap Matrix.


Our first encounter with the Vanduul was in 2681, when they attacked our colonies in the Orion System. Discovered during Project Far Star, Orion was the furthest human system discovered under that banner. Unfortunately, Orion came to the notice of a Vanduul raiding party who launched an attack at the main post on Armitage. In the years following, more raids occurred but the Messer regime considered the Vanduul more of an annoyance than a threat. That sentiment quickly changed in 2712, when an all out assault began in what would become the Battle of Orion. The result of which was the UEE’s abandonment of the system. This was the first incident of the UEE having to retreat from a zone in the face of the Vanduul but it wouldn’t be the last.

Last known composition of Orion from ARK Starmap


Humanity has attempted to reach a diplomatic accord with the Vanduul under multiple regimes. The government formed after the Messer Era, resumed efforts to bring the violence between our races to an end. However, the disparate and decentralized structure of the Vanduul civilization makes it impossible to form a unilateral accord or understanding. And all of our diplomatic efforts have been met with violence. Through the years of hostility, we’ve yet to identify why they exhibit such aggression toward humans.


If the Vanduul have a homeworld, it is unknown to Humans. Some theorize that their homeworld may have been destroyed or abandoned out of necessity, causing the nomadic lifestyle that now exists. The chief tenant of their political system is you are what you obtain. There is little to no communication between the different roaming clans. Each fleet operates as its own society with its own independent set of rules, laws and customs as decreed by that clan’s Chieftain.

Percentage of Known Star Systems Aligned by Government


From Alysianah’s Starmap Matrix – Vanduul Systems with High Populations


Vanduul aligned star systems account for 18% of the known Star Citizen Universe. Given that half of those star systems currently lack jump points, we won’t be traveling through Vanduul space much initially. From a composition standpoint, their systems have a very small percentage of resources that are directly related to player professions. Vanduul systems only represent 4% of the locations with asteroid belts, 3% of Gas Giants and 3% of the Green Planets. Unless we eventually find rare materials in these zones, risk averse players can likely remove Vanduul star systems from their travel routes.

From Alysianah’s Starmap Matrix – Vanduul Systems with Asteroid Belts


Conversely, players looking for readily available combat, exploration, information running and science, may have to weigh safety versus the rewards that may lie in wait. Vanduul systems represent at least 10% of the undiscovered Jump Point destinations. In addition to finding and successfully navigating Jump Points to those systems, they will also need to be mapped, and who knows what you’ll discover during that process.

As an aside, I am curious how we know about their systems that lack Jump Points. Are they using the scenario presented by Oretani? Oretani had been colonized by the UEE but we were forced to retreat from the zone, leaving tens of thousands to die at the hands of the Vanduul. We’ve since lost contact because the Jump Point to Oretani collapsed. Is that how we know about the other zones? Jump Points were available at one point?

From Alysianah’s Starmap Matrix – Vanduul Systems Missing Jump Points



Some of our knowledge about the Vanduul comes from a derelict carrier that was found near Garron. You may recall that the massacre of a developing species on Garron III, led to the downfall of the Messer Era and the establishment of the Fair Chance Act.

Studies and scientific research conducted on the derelict revealed that the Vanduul congregate in hordes that are genetically diversified. How these hordes are formed is unknown. Evidence suggests that they are just as quick to war against each other, as they are outsiders. There is speculation that Vanduul have great gatherings where they vie for the best warriors to join individual hordes. Also noted, was that the derelict in Garron only contained males, suggesting that they may also gather in central locations for procreation.

The Vanduul don’t exhibit a strong tendency or reliance on written history. Their artifacts are populated by quasi-pictographs that have seemingly no relationship to the spoken Vanduul language. They utilize simple video recording devices, generally a screen with a camera to record themselves. The simplicity of these items contrast directly with the rest of their technology. Some have speculated the cause to be the Vanduuls’ uniquely structured eyes.

The Vanduul family structure would be considered barbaric by humans. When a child reaches their equivalent of adulthood, around the age of 13, they are banished from their family. The only possession they are given is a knife crafted by their parents. With this they make their way out into the world to survive – or not. This is the process from Chieftain’s child down to the poorest families. There is no hereditary transfer of money or influence. You are judged on your own merits and accomplishments. If you survive, that knife becomes a cherished and honored item. Steal one and get caught with it? You’ll wish you’d never been born.

Like the Banu, Vanduul seem to enjoy accumulating trophies. These collections range from simple trinkets to bleached arm-bones of those they’ve killed. They also have a strong affinity for knives, likely due how they are introduced to adulthood. They often handcraft their own knives imparting individual flair.

Vanduul warships can be a fearsome thing to behold. The analysis of derelict ships shows they have vessels equal to UEE’s top class ships. Their ships are heavily armored with internals intentionally left exposed like the skeleton of a great beast.


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