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Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, this time for the week ending 8th Jan 2017, CIG will be back in full swing with their work on the game and their community shows from the 9th SO next weeks news should be a bit more meaty… but we’ll see what we can do with the Vegetarian Option from with week.


I’ll briefly read you the new Newsletter CIG put out at least the except from Chris Roberts:

There are many exciting things in store for Star Citizen this year. We’ll continue to modify and improve our game engine to better suit Star Citizen’s unique needs. Gameplay will get deeper as new systems come online to provide players the chance to do more than pew-pew. I also expect exciting advancements as we integrate our revolutionary tech, like subsumption and procedural planets, into the game. On the Community front, we’ll be releasing Spectrum, our new and improved community platform, and revamping our current shows and adding new ones in an effort to best communicate with all of you.

This week Star Citizen devs got back to work after some much deserved time off. Presently the Production Team is huddled with the different team leads updating and detailing out the tasks we have for this year. You’ll begin to see some of these details once we’ve had the opportunity to refine the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 schedules.

We were happy to see positive feedback from the Alpha 2.6 release and impressed by the number of stunning videos and images being created with the new camera controls. We have been digesting both our own and your thoughts on Alpha 2.6 now that it has been live for two weeks. We are planning releasing an incremental patch, 2.6.1 with some of the features that slipped out of 2.6, bug fixes for increased stability (although 2.6 was possibly our most stable patch to date) as well as continued balance and gameplay tweaks. Expect to hear more details on timing in the next couple of weeks.

2016 was a noteworthy year in Star Citizen’s development. 2017 with Squadron 42 and Alpha 3.0 is looking to be even better.

If you’d like to Read The Full Newsletter it’s Here

2.6.1 Features

So let’s talk about this incremental patch 2.6.1 the, it’s not a major one but should be there to fix some larger problems with bugs & some balance. Weapon’s not firing, Pausing gameplay on Echo 11, improved stability and some Networking improvements:


I believe currently in a given area the client requests information about everyone on the server, this will on request info that is relevant to your client I think. Hopefully improving Client & server performance.


This is an improvement really to optimize network bandwidth and help with general efficency.

Variables sent to the server/clients will be detected if they have changed since the last time they were sent. This should also reduce chance for disconnections too.

Both of these are a step towards more clients into an instance & important for the netcode coming in the next major updates.

On The RSI Website


An Official “Getting Started in Star Citizen” Guide has appeared on the website

It contains a very brief explaination of everything from getting a ship to what you can do as well as signposting to more info go to:

Discount Game Packages

There are still around 5000 discount game packages available for $35 with a choice of a Mustang Alpha OR an Aurora MR. Over at if you are considering buying one for you or a friend I suggest the Mustang Alpha as it’s worth $5 more if you plan to upgrade it later.


The Shuttle

I want to highlight this awesome video made in game by Sonic Temples with the new cameras and a bit of creativity, it tells the story of a badass Citizen on a mission.



_Litauen has been making maps for the last couple of weeks & has now created on for GrimHex in additon to the Station Demien and Echo 11 ones links in the description to these… he is a genius, they are super useful!


There is one for Station Demien too but a better one in progress –


This is a shot from the surface of Daymar a moon of Crusader and at somepoint this year will be explorable!


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